Aerial shots: Our system

Our system is much more than just a small helicopter with a camera attached. The UAV is a multi rotored device controlled by electronic sensors to monitor the stability and level of the craft via the UAV’s on board software and computer.
The sensors make thousands of small corrections to the speed of the rotors per second to ensure that the UAV is both level and pointing in the right direction. Helipix operate a 2.4gHz radio controlled UAV system with the added benefit of data telemetry from the UAV providing the pilot with data about the condition, direction, and height of the UAV at any time.

Fitted to our UAV is a GPS system that will ‘hold’ the UAV in a given position.  Together with a barometric pressure sensor the UAV can be held at a given height and fly autonomously in a ‘fixed’ position. By programming the navigational control system we can set predetermined waypoints and have the UAV fly a preset route automatically and at set points take images if required.


  The flight route can be stored and uploaded onto the UAV at a later date and the same flight flown over and over again. This is especially useful for environmental monitoring over the course of many months or years.

The on board camera is gyro compensated for pitch and roll and is automatically activated every 3 seconds.
The UAV is also fitted with a video downlink so the pilot can see where the UAV’s camera is facing. This downlink is also viewed on the client’s hand held monitor. The pilot can adjust the tilt of the camera in flight and using the video eyewear can line the camera up for the most appropriate shot.

The UAV has in built safety features which will ensure that in the event of a signal loss or battery depletion the UAV will descend slowly to the ground. If required the pilot can automatically bring the UAV back to the take off co-ordinate position using the GPS and land the UAV from there.