Advantages of UAV Photography

Drone Octocopter per riprese aereeWith the ability to take true aerial images we can use our UAVs to manoeuvre into positions and heights that would either be very difficult, or dangerous to do using conventional manned aircraft. Our UAV is capable of flying close to buildings and property so we can obtain detailed images for inspections and surveys.

Our UAVs can fly in areas where the minimum of ground disturbance is required, for example over an archaeological excavation, or where forensic evidence is being collected. Our UAVs can take off from almost any location as they have vertical take off and landing, so rough terrain does not pose any problems.

Due to the low power required to fly the UAV it has a very quiet operation and is ideally suited for obtaining images.

  • in conservation areas
  • near animals and livestock
  • in residential areas

Our UAV systems are very quick to set up and deploy. We can be flying within minutes of arriving on site thereby necessitating the minimum of site disturbance or downtime should it be necessary.

Videoinvolo has been in the forefront this type of UAV technology and is constantly improving and upgrading its UAVs. By understanding the client’s requirements we can construct UAV systems and camera mounts to facilitate specific photographic needs. We construct our own UAVs and camera mounts thereby ensuring that we can provide images that may not be available from other UAV systems. With our ongoing Research and Development we can quickly and effectively utilise any new developments in camera and video technology.